Take advantage of farm pick up or local delivery to all residents of Saratoga County!


Old Tavern Farm Distillery is dedicated to producing the highest quality spirits. Working with local farms and partners, we use the best raw materials and ingredients available. Each of our small batch whiskies and clear spirits are distilled or produced by our distiller, Mike.


We take pride in being a farm distillery. That means keeping it local. Our spirits are produced from 100% New York grains, and we pick up our barrels down the street from Adirondack Cooperage. Production and aging take place on the farm located on Saratoga Lake.


Vodka: Taste the spirit of life on the farm through our vodka, made with 100% New York non-GMO corn, distilled seven times, and filtered through carbon for a clean finish. Our vodka is gluten free and has no additives – it is simply neutral spirit and reverse osmosis water. Our vodka is 80 proof (40% ABV) and is offered in a 750 ML bottle.
Whiskey (currently aging): We cannot wait to share our whiskies with you once they are done aging. Our first batch of bourbon will be available May 2024, and the first batch of rye whiskey will be available August 2024. Each whiskey is produced with 100% New York grains.
Our whiskies are a true grain to glass product. We are involved in every step of the process, from picking up the grain from local farmers, to aging the whiskey on Old Tavern Farm in barrels from Adirondack Cooperage. We have a passion for what we produce and look forward to sharing a glass of our whiskey with you.