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Our History

Established in 2016, Old Tavern Farm is a private boutique thoroughbred-breeding farm. Founded on the former site of Palmer’s Maple Shade Farm in Saratoga Springs, New York, the name Old Tavern was derived from the 1800s tavern that once graced the property. Nestled atop a ridge overlooking Saratoga Lake and the foothills of the Adirondacks, Old Tavern Farm is focused on the breeding and sale of thoroughbreds that compete at the highest level of racing. Since inception Walt & Michelle Borisenok have meticulously restored the land back to its agrarian roots, developing the farm into a state of the art breeding facility. Their stewardship continues to be the cornerstone of Old Tavern Farm.  

 Our Mission 

At Old Tavern Farm, we believe that our future success hinges on the strength of our horses and the conservation of our land. We strive each day to maintain our commitment to the history, the land, and the thoroughbred industry by breeding and raising elite thoroughbred athletes. Looking to be the benchmark for thoroughbred breeding in New York State, we are innovative in our approach to breeding and preparing our horses for the next stage in their development. Providing the market with horses that are intelligent, durable, and ready to compete at the next level.


- WINE -  

 Wines Inspired By Life On The Farm 

Our goal is to produce quality wines for you to enjoy. We achieve this by timeliness and attention to detail. We focus on small production lots, to make certain each wine gets the customized attention it needs, resulting in a flavor profile that is enjoyable to drink and reflects life on our family farm. 

Journey Dedicated To Quality

 Having control over our grapes is crucial to maintaining the high quality and character of our wines. While waiting for the fruit from our Saratoga vineyard to mature, we spent a year identifying and selecting sites across the country based on diverse soils, microclimates and unique growing conditions, which maximizes flavor expression and produces rich and complex wines. We crafted a supply chain focused on and dedicated to quality. Owning our own plot of Cabernet Sauvignon on Red Mountain, Syrah in White Bluff AVA and having strong relationships with our partner vineyards in Columbia Valley and Lodi, California, guarantees us consistency for each vintage.

Brown Road Vineyard

 We spent years amending the soil until deciding the ground was ready in the spring of 2019 to plant 1,300 vines in grape varieties that fit our climate- like Marquette. We also pushed the growing norm in our area and planted varietals such as Riesling & Cabernet Franc. In our vineyard everything is done by hand. We take pride in our farming practices and believe our vines will yield a generous return.




 Native to Saratoga 

What started as a hobby flourished organically into a full time, cut flower farm. Our fields bursting with flowers that reflect the season, our climate and surroundings. Ranging from vibrantly yellow daffodils in the spring to brilliantly hued dahlias, sunflowers and amaranthus in the fall. We source seeds, plugs and tubers from farmers across the country. All our flowers are planted, grown and designed on our farm in Saratoga Springs, NY.